Alcohol Laws Too Silly Not  to Mention

Alcohol Laws Too Silly Not to Mention

Just for the fun of it…

We’ve been doing some research into alcohol laws and came across some entertaining information. Here are some excepts from websites we visited. Enjoy!

Ohio lawmakers thought it necessary to make it illegal to give alcohol to a fish. No more winemaker dinners with your goldfish. Image credit: Lion Heart Designs

Illegal to drink beer out of a bucket | Three Fires Wine

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In Missouri drinking beer out of a bucket can cost you a ticket or maybe jail time.  Would a park bench be better?

In Kentucky it is illegal to drink wine out of tea cups. Time to invest in real glassware.

South Carolina and Kentucky found it necessary to restrict all alcohol consumption on election day. Does that help bring voters to the polls?

Be prepared to get arrested in Colorado if you ride a horse while under the influence of alcohol. Driving a horse and carriage may be different.

Moose bookIn Alaska moose and alcohol don’t mix; giving a moose a sip of wine could land you in jail. Consider “Giving a Moose a Muffin” instead.

Another great reason to get married in Wisconsin…an underage adult can legally drink with his or her spouse if the spouse is 21 or older. Time to get a marriage license!

In Missouri it is illegal to take out the trash that contains empty alcohol containers if you are under age. Poor dad must get up while Junior sleeps in on trash day.

The state of Nebraska restricts restaurants from selling beer unless the restaurant simultaneously brews a kettle of soup. We wonder what the Soup Nazi would think of this.

As for Michigan…giving beer to a patient in the hospital is grounds for a trip to the local jail. Giving a patient wine in the hospital isn’t mentioned.

Indiana, on the other hand, believes wine with dinner during a hospital stay is just what the doctor ordered. Better cross the border for your next hospital stay.

Little Red Riding Hood_book cover | Three Fires Wine

Our favorite law: Two California school districts banned the book, Little Red Riding Hood by Trina Schart Hyman, because the cover depicts a young girl carrying a basket that contains food and a glass bottle. Poor Granny needs her Reserve Merlot.


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